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    Orbyz Admin App Empty Orbyz Admin App

    Post by sexy_mexy_orbyz on Sun May 25, 2014 1:15 am

    IGN(In-game Name:):Orbyz
    Position(what rank you want):Admin
    Reason:I love Gmod, espicially DarkRP and i saw staff needed and i thought i would apply and help out
    Have you been an admin elsewhere? if so, where?yes on EpiX, Arnold, Mythic, other servers i dont remember the names of its been a while, also this isnt relevant but im also a moderator on a Arma2 server
    About how well do you get along with others? i get along well unless they disrespect then i just gag em
    Do you rage so much you would abuse your power?no

    i am a varsity football player at my highschool, im a upcoming sophmore and i love computers


    Jimmy is accused of Mass RDM but nobody has proof. What would you do?check logs and if he has i would ban for a time i felt necessary

    You see people prop-killing, but they are friends. How would you approach this situation?tell them to quit its causing confusion and if they proceed i would jail/kick/ban temp/etc

    You see an admin abusing their power, and you have no ability to stop them. How would you stop them?report them or record it

    People are reporting someone about hacking. What would you do?spectate them

    *Means of communication between other administrators is required

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    Orbyz Admin App Empty Re: Orbyz Admin App

    Post by herrybiscuit on Sun May 25, 2014 2:11 am

    Application accepted! topic locked!

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