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    Need suggestions!


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    Need suggestions! Empty Need suggestions!

    Post by herrybiscuit on Wed Apr 30, 2014 8:19 pm

    we need more content on our server and this is your time to have your favorite thing on the server Very Happy
    post suggestions here please!

    NOTE: suggestions can be anything from models to add-ons to anything you can think of!
    Puff the Magic Dragon

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    Need suggestions! Empty Rule suggestions

    Post by Puff the Magic Dragon on Sun May 18, 2014 2:12 am

    1. Government jobs except for mayor, (mayors house) cant base other than PD
    2. Government jobs Can NOT own illegal items.
    3. Government jobs can not participate in ANY illegal activities.
    4. Mayor can NOT own a gun bigger than a pistol. he is protected by his police force.
    5. Spiderman is a Government job. no illegal activities.
    6. Separate bases cannot protect other bases.
    7. Hobos can NOT build in the middle of the road.
    8. Cops must give warnings before arresting/shooting.
    9.Gun dealers can NOT self supply.
    10. NO laws that counter the server rules.
    11. If you witnessed an act, tell the admins.

    All I have so far...

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    Need suggestions! Empty Re: Need suggestions!

    Post by Pivot on Mon May 26, 2014 10:21 pm

    1. Download More respective Player Models
    2. Instead of having gangsters have a red and blue gang
    3. Different Map, very unique
    4. Wire if you dont have it yet
    5. M9k specialties, makes for more weapons and such.
    6. Put standard laws somewhere
    7. Advertise to everyone you know, server has a lot of potential
    8. TDM cars, people eat those up.
    9. Have a 10k or 15k start, people will more likely go for it.
    10. Get weather or something that makes it different from other servers.

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    Need suggestions! Empty My suggestions for the server

    Post by PlagueDoctor on Thu Apr 23, 2015 9:23 am

    Please consider the following. These are not demands, nor are they requests. Just simple suggestions to help benefit the server and the people on it:
    1. If possible, get another vehicle mod that has a van that can seat 6
    2. Wiremod, it is VERY VERY useful in having realistic base security
    3. Parkour v2 for some of the classes.
    4. Cardboardbox SWEP for hobos
    5. A modifiable weapons mod
    6. If possible buff the armor(I feel like I'm wearing a sweater vest not Kevlar)
    7. Make gun shipments in their stack form be able to interact with props.

    Lately I've noticed the vacancy of the forums despite the amazing amount of population in the server. I've even seen the server completely filled on multiple occasions which simply was outstanding. But, I feel that if the server were to keep these users, and maybe even friends, they should be properly introduced to the community. I suggest linking the MOTD of the server to the URL of these forums so that maybe it will create more flow of users, therefore making the Titanium Darkrp community even larger. I will even personally assist the doing of so if needed as long as it provides for the server.

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    Need suggestions! Empty Re: Need suggestions!

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