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    The Bat/Jroddawghits moderator app


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    The Bat/Jroddawghits moderator app

    Post by The_bat on Sat Apr 11, 2015 7:38 pm

    Name:The Bat
    Rank:Administration end goal, but start as trial mod
    Age:13 almost 14
    Reason: I am on most of the time and when I am on I notice a lot of demoting. The other day two guys were fight and demoting each other rapidly, cussing, disrespecting each other, ect. I tried to handle it as user but it was hard to do. I finally got them both to be teletubbies and th ey killed each other a bit then they demoted each othe. I don't like to just sit there and watch. I believe I am on a different time zone then some because I seem to get on before/after or during the big crowds. I don't know if your under staff or just don't have any active moderators but at those times when the active super Admins aren't on it gets a mess. I would like to clean up this mess. If I stay trial moderator that if fine with me. I have staffed on one other server and I get both sides of a sit being a user most of the time. I am not going to abuse my power because this is my main server I play on and wouldn't want to get banned. I get along well with others not much of a raider if someone wants to base with me they can, very friendly, don't hold grudges, and most of all I try to teach people who don't know how to play or are just not very good. Yesterday/today I helped 4-5 new players with the tool gun, gave them some money and a few weapons. I know most of the players on the server from one gang or another. this was one of my starter sever so I have a few warnings from sits but now I am rule following server player.
    Other: like love to base and print money in peace but I like tO be raided every know and then to try out new guns. I welcome new comers to my base openly as long as they are the same gang/mod as me.
    Jimmy's mass rdm: If I was on during it I would watch the kill feed and see all those kills by him and I might have been apart of it(as on got killed) if that was the case I would do the normal things, but if not I would check logs and talk to him about it. More than likely half the server would notice it I would talk to one of my trust worthy friends or old gang members. And if that was true I would talk to him depending on his aditude I would Ban or perm ban him. I do not tolerate rdm it's just a pain to everyone.
    friends prop killing: I would talk to them lay into them because they are my friends I would be harder on them because they know they can't do that. Maybe a little extra jail time. Kind of like though love. If you want to call it that.
    Administration abusing power: I would go to my contacts with higher ranks and get them as soon as I can I would bring them and stall as much as I can. When they figure out what I am doing I try to keep them from doing it by using what power I have to stall them with jails maybe killing or aresting them until a higher ranking staff member gets on.
    hacking: I would first see if they are really hacking check logs and console, ect.. I might use a trick on him say like that's cool teach me or something and make it sound like I really want to get hacks and when he use them around me I ban him most likely premabann.
    Means of communication: mobile phone with kik app (that's all I am giving not #) steam and skype is kind of glichy right now but that may Be an option. I am working on getting a teamspeak, on a different server that I staff on as trial mod. They are building still. I don't think they will ever get big just a friend made it the max they ever had was 4 people, so no worry of me leaving this server.

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    Re: The Bat/Jroddawghits moderator app

    Post by The_bat on Sat Apr 11, 2015 7:43 pm

    Just for your information I do have baseball u play on two teams so there will be day's when I am not on as much, church On Sunday, and school of course

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