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    PlagueDoctor's Moderator Application


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    PlagueDoctor's Moderator Application Empty PlagueDoctor's Moderator Application

    Post by PlagueDoctor on Wed Apr 22, 2015 6:37 pm

    In game Name:PlagueDoctor
    Position:Moderator(I want to work for my higher ranks. This increases the amount of discipline and gratitude for my role.)
    Reason:I want to help others and protect people from the rule breakers I hate so much. Even if not made a staff member I will do what I can in order to help the community. I shall put a few examples of what I've already done.
    Have you been an admin elsewhere? if so, where?:I was admin on DSB gaming, and Moderator on another server, but I have forgotten the name
    About how well do you get along with others?: I get along with others very well unless they attempt to harm others intentionally. Raiding and playing the game is fine, but when it is specifically to hurt someone with no reason, I get slightly agitated. I tend to be a loner of sorts, but when needed to I can adapt to when I need to stand up and take responsibility for the well being of the server. Being unnoticed is one of my best traits, as on the job I prefer to watch suspects without them knowing instead of the brute force of interrogation.
    Do you rage so much you would abuse your power?:I've never abused my power as Moderator or Admin, and I don't intend to in the future.

    write some things about yourself: I completely am against discrimination. I don't care what age, sex, race, or religion, all sides of every case will be heard. I love to mess around with others as long as it's fair. I never cared for cheaters in any game. I think that a major factor that would help in many situations is that I know a bit of many languages, mainly Spanish. I also have very little experience in hacking, I mainly use this for defensive purposes. If made staff I could possibly use these skills in order to counter any users attempting to do things such as dox or ddos on the server. But please remember I am fairly new in hacking protection and I am certainly no black hat.


    Jimmy is accused of Mass RDM but nobody has proof. What would you do?
    I would simply check the logs. If it shows him doing so, and one of the stories do not check out, I would punish either the potential RDM'r or explain to the reporter the definition of RDM if the accusation was false.
    You see people prop-killing, but they are friends. How would you approach this situation?
    I'd warn them that even if they are friends, I have a responsibility to enforce the rules. If they don't stop, I have no choice but to act upon it as I would with any other person.
    You see an admin abusing their power, and you have no ability to stop them. How would you stop them?
    I would report it along with screenshotted evidence to a staff member who could take care of it.
    People are reporting someone about hacking. What would you do?
    I would set myself to noclip and cloaked and follow the culprit around. If needed, I could run a few tests using sources external to the sever that I do not want to specify at this time. If I successfully verify that their actions are not legitimate, I would determine what the punishment should be depending on what the hack is.
    Means of communication between other administrators is required:
    I do have a microphone, and it could be used for handling situations in a professional point of view. But while off duty I rarely use my microphone unless I absolutely need to or feel I want to do so, which is almost never.

    Examples of my work already:

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